What To Expect

Once you have booked your ride, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details. For rides TO Denver International Airport, the listed pickup time is an estimate. You will receive a confirmation call or text with an exact 5 minute pickup window the night before travel.  All confirmation calls and texts should be completed by 8:00pm mountain time. If you do not receive your call or text, please call us to get your updated 5 minute pick-up window. Please be ready to go at the beginning of your pickup time so that we can maintain an on time arrival at DIA!

Trips to and from DIA and our hubs are about 60 minutes. The departure/arrival point in Fort Collins is the Harmony Transportation Center, and in Loveland it is the Loveland Shuttle Stop in front of the Hampton Inn on Stone Creek Circle. We operate a hub and spoke model, so once the main vehicle arrives in town, you will usually transfer to a smaller van for home and business drop-offs.

At DIA, we usually drop off on the West Side between doors 510-512 first. We have found that for most passengers, this allows them to get to their airline counter or security the fastest. Our drivers are always willing to accommodate dropoffs on the East side, however- just make sure to let your driver know if this is what you would like.

General Information

Airport Pickup Location

Green Ride pickup up at Denver International Airport is on Island 5 directly outside door 507. Door 507 is near baggage claim carousel #4 on the EAST side of the Main Terminal. Island 5 has a pickup area for “Special Permit”. That is where we pick up. For service to Fort Collins and Wyoming, look for a white vehicle with Green Ride lettering on the side. Most (but not all) Boulder vans are green vehicles with white lettering.


We have a full refund policy! If you miss the van, decide to cancel, to use your personal car, travel with a friend, or use some other alternative means of transportation, contact us and we will refund the charge.



The listed rates do not include a driver or reservation agent gratuity. You should never see a sign nor hear a request for a gratuity from any of the Green Ride employees. However, if you are so inclined, you may include a gratuity with your reservation or give a gratuity at the time of service.