How is Green Ride Green?

Our Philosophy

At Green Ride, we believe that we each have a responsibility to do our utmost to care for our people, our communities, and the environment we all share. Climate change aside, man made waste and pollutants negatively impact the quality of life for billions of people the world over. We have a duty to take responsibility for the reduction and elimination of these pollutants that create dangers for wildlife, people, ecosystems and economies. Green Ride believes that this incredibly important responsibility is shared not only by businesses and public agencies, but also shared individually by all human beings.

Environmentally responsible practices are very smart business. By reducing waste, tirelessly seeking greater operational efficiency, reusing or re-purposing material goods, and participating in recycling programs, Green Ride is able to reduce our operational costs to help create a more stable and profitable business while passing some of those savings on to our customers, offering the lowest price point possible. We recognize the concerns and values of the communities we serve, and are proud to share those values. Our customers know that by giving us their valued business, we are their partners in pursuing their own efforts to make green decisions in their travel plans.

Environmentally responsible actions have been at the core of Green Ride since the company was founded. It is a concept and mission that was identified from our very inception to be one of our highest values, and a never ending goal for Green Ride. Our name, Green Ride, serves not only to identify our company in connection with our environmental ideals, but also serves to remind each of our employees of our values every single day, so they can make the day to day decisions that are right for our business.

Our Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Shared Ride

At Green Ride, we believe that our greatest competition lay in people’s decision to drive themselves, rather than use a shared ride service! Shared ride services reduce toxic and greenhouse gas emissions. One 27 passenger bus potentially removes 27 private vehicles from Colorado roadways, and burns far less fossil fuel. The resulting reduction in private vehicles increases safety by reducing congestion and unnecessary wear on public roadways. Additional benefits are lower vehicle maintenance, lower consumption of vehicle necessary fluids, and lower consumption of fossil fuel derived materials like tires.

Reservations and Planning

Our reservation based model allows us to streamline our operation in relation to our passenger load. Our planners create the most efficient routing possible for our drivers providing door-to-door service, and assign vehicles that are an appropriate size for the trip’s ridership. As an example, we avoid operating a coach if the ridership for that trip can be better served in a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle. The goal is to operate the maximum passenger miles per gallon at all times.

Driving the Green Ride Way

Every Green Ride driver receives extensive training in order to consistently drive in accordance with our environmental policies and best practices. Green Ride drivers:

  • Accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Green Ride mandates following distances that exceed the recommendations of the Department of Transportation. This is for passenger comfort and traffic safety, but also reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

  • Never exceed 70 mph on interstates, and never exceed a speed limit in town. This is again for passenger comfort and traffic safety, which reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

  • Never allow a vehicle to idle. Unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions are to be avoided.

  • Offer bottled water to every passenger, then collect empty bottles to be recycled.


Green Ride employs reservation agents who work from home using our VOIP phone system software. Green Ride allows multiple employees to telecommute when appropriate. The reason for this is simple: minimized work commutes result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs in our facility.


Green Ride uses re-purposed and/or recycled materials in the construction and outfitting of our facilities. Our walls are painted using reclaimed paint from the Larimer County Landfill, our desks and furnishings are re-purposed, purchased used and in good condition. We use energy efficient lighting, and reduce energy consumption by minimizing use of air conditioning and turning off unused lighting and electronics. We actively participate in recycling programs, collect items to be used for compost in employee gardens, and even water our office plants using water reclaimed from unfinished water bottles.


Green Ride operates a fleet of 40 vehicles ranging in size from mini-vans to 43 passenger coaches. The diverse vehicle sizes in our fleet, coupled with our reservation based business model and service planning best practices allow us to schedule vehicles of appropriate size for the anticipated passenger load. During slow times when ridership is anticipated to be low, it simply makes more sense to utilize a smaller vehicle to minimize fuel and maintenance costs, while simultaneously minimizing the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. As Green Ride grows, it is our goal to identify or create the infrastructure necessary for us to operate alternative fueled vehicles.


Green Ride attracts and hires great people who share our values and care about the environment. Many employees bike to work and to meetings. Most of our employees actively seek green practices not only within our organization, but in their personal lives every day. During orientation, every Green Ride employee signs our Commitment to Sustainability policy.