How is Green Ride Green?

Our Philosophy

At Green Ride, our culture is based very simply on doing the right thing. Our service motto of “Delivering Door To Door Respect” is a foundational core value of our organization.

Environmental Sustainability

Shared Ride

First and foremost, Green Ride is “green” because we are a shared ride service. While this fact alone does not make us unique, by tirelessly optimizing operational efficiency, it is the primary way we contribute to minimize impact on our environment. Our name “Green Ride” serves dually to identify our company’s alignment with environmental ideals, but also to remind each of us daily, as individual’s, of our priority values and intention.

Shared ride services reduce toxic and greenhouse gas emissions. One Green Ride 40 passenger bus potentially removes 40 private vehicles from Colorado roadways and burns less fossil fuel.  The resulting reduction in private vehicles on our roads, in turn leads to less congestion and unnecessary wear on public roadways. Additional benefits to those who choose to leave their own vehicle at home are lower personal vehicle maintenance costs, lower consumption of necessary vehicle fluids and lower consumption of fossil fuel derived materials such as tires.

Operational Efficiency

Our reservation based model, coupled with a meticulous and sophisticated planning process, allows us to streamline our operation in relation to our passenger demographic. Our planners design the most efficient routing possible for our drivers, with enough detail to offer passengers a convenient, stress free, 5 minute pick up window for our door to door service. “Right sized” vehicles are assigned for each trip. Taking into consideration the anticipated ridership of each unique run, a size specific vehicle will be commissioned for the task. With a goal to operate the maximum passenger miles per gallon at all times, we can reduce environmental impact and keep our price structure low.

Variable Capacity Fleet

Green Ride currently operates a fleet of 45 vehicles ranging in size from mini vans to a 50 passenger coach. The diversity of vehicle size in our fleet, coupled with our reservation based business model and service planning best practices, allows us to schedule vehicles of appropriate size for the anticipated passenger load. It simply makes more sense to use a smaller vehicle in an off peak, small passenger volume situation to minimize fuel and maintenance costs, while simultaneously minimizing extraneous greenhouse gas emissions. Managing the cost structure in this way also allows us to pass along the benefits to our passengers by way of lower fares.

Propane Powered

Our fleet is currently 30% Bi-fuel (propane/gasoline) powered.  While still a derivative of fossil fuel production, propane is considered an alternative fuel and burns up to 10% cleaner than gasoline as a motor fuel application.  These Bi-fuel converted vehicles run primarily on propane with gasoline as a back up only.

Green Ride Vehicle Recycling

When a vehicle has come to an end of its life as a fleet vehicle for Green Ride, we look for creative ways to extend the life of the vehicle in another service capacity.  One of our vans has been donated to a local charity to carry kids around town for special events, others have been donated to Poudre Fire Authority to be used as tools for extrication skill training for fire fighters.

Driving the Green Ride Way

Every Green Ride driver receives extensive training in safety and proficiency to consistently drive in accordance with our environmental policies and best practices. Green Ride drivers:

  • Accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Green Ride mandates following distances that exceed the recommendations of the Department of Transportation. This directive is for both traffic safety and passenger comfort, but also reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

  • Never exceed 70 mph on interstates, and never exceed a speed limit in town. Once again, both traffic safety and passenger comfort drive this rationale, which also had the added benefit of reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

  • Manage vehicle idle time. Unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions are to be avoided.

Telecommuting and Leverage of Regular Service 

Green Ride employs reservation agents who work primarily from home using our VOIP phone system software. Green Ride allows employees to telecommute when possible. Minimized work commutes result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs in our facility.  Our DIA booth agents are taken to and from DIA on our regular shuttle service, which removes personal commuter vehicles from our roads.

Green Ride Headquarters 

Green Ride uses re-purposed and/or recycled materials in the construction and outfitting of our facilities when possible. Our desks and furnishings are re-purposed, purchased used and in good condition. We use energy efficient lighting, and reduce energy consumption by turning off unused lighting and electronics. We actively participate in recycling programs, collect items to be used for compost in employee gardens, and even water our office plants using water reclaimed from unfinished water bottles.

Water Bottles

In a best effort to balance a highly valued measure of hospitality with responsibility to the environment, we are met with a challenge. We offer free bottled water to our passengers during their trip to or from DIA.  Many of our passengers reuse these bottles beyond security along the rest of their journey, others choose to return their used bottles to our drivers who then bring them back to our offer for recycling.  We do receive a great deal of positive feedback that this small gesture of hospitality is very greatly appreciated before or after a long flight.  Health and safety regulations, do, of course, limit how we can offer water in our environment. We trust that a passenger will only take water if is needed.

The Green Ride Team

During orientation, every Green Ride employee signs our “Commitment to Sustainability” policy.  However, each and every Green Ride employee brings with them their own unique contribution to our organization and community.  Naturally many employees follow green practices not only within our organization but in their personal lives too. From biking to work, to volunteering for causes that speak personally to them, we are grateful for a collaborative team that has allowed us to grow and provide the level of service only possible when people support a set of shared values and beliefs.